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Является ли система обороны S-400 самой передовой на сегодняшний день?

Вопрос: Является ли система обороны S-400 самой передовой на сегодняшний день?

В своем классе и оперативной функции Да, но вы можете добавить S-300 PMU2 Grumble и S-300 VM , а также, так как S-400 просто сильно модернизированную версию S-300 с им варианты.

Для того, чтобы быть немного Acurate позволяет сказать , что это лучший наземный «Мобильная» Многослойная Airdefence системы, и что делают его очень конкурентоспособным и Выросшим на других системах Роли и capabiltites S-400 Tiumf Обеспечить против всех аэродинамических целей и большинство баллистических целей сравнения к его стоимости.

The S-400 have multiple Radars like the “64N6 TOMBSTONE” and “91N6E Big Bird” for very accurate detection and 92N6 for search and engagment besite it can recieve data from many other Radar systems and assets.

The 4–5 types of missiles in use are capable to give the S-400 possibility to engage targets at diferent distances and altitudes and provide the operators with many choices to deal with airthreats specially tactical fighter jets and Bombers,beside that the targets include all sort of cruise missiles /Helecopters and UAV’s.

When you buy or you have strategical systems like S-400 or S-300’s you just solve many problems on the strategical and tactical level ,those series of S-400/300 evolve in many decades since the senventees in the Soviet Union era by developing new assets each few years and by gaining experience the systems become more an more capable to deal with threats that makes a dificulty in the old days.

S-400 have a very rapid Deployment capability,aka using shoot and run tactics witch makes a planed attack on the Batteries very hard to do,you can forget what some stories you here about “wow” we just find the S-400 batteries with satellites ?!!!! here look that’s the pictures !!! ow we will do an easy SEAD mission to noutralize it ,No not that easy,war time is different than peace time,for exemple in Syrbia 1999 the NATO with all it’s power couldn’t neutralize Mobile serbian SA-6 and SA-3 Goa systems accept for few,those are very old using analogue systems and the range no more than 25 km at best,imagine what the S-400 can do.

The only countries producing long range mobile systems like that is China with HQ-9/19.. Series and Iran with 15?th Khordad series,other systems even if have capabilities they are very slow to deploy.

If you take in acount all Airdefence missiles in existence than there is very few countries are catching up in that field both China and Iran have very capable systems to compete against the S-400.

Other systems like the SM-2/3 Series are very compettive against the S-400 if not better,but there cost is too Hight.