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Каково ваше мнение о недавних санкциях США в отношении Индии за покупку системы ПРО С-400 у России? Какие расходы Индия понесет из-за этого?

Этот вопрос фактически неверен, так как США не наложили никаких санкций на Индию за закупку системы обороны S-400 у России, поскольку Индия еще не приобрела ее. Они только предупреждают Индию. Но они действительно наложили санкции на Китай за покупку той же системы у России. Это можно рассматривать как мягкий сигнал.

Сначала нужно понять, что такое система S400?

Российская система противоракетной обороны S400 в настоящее время широко признана самой передовой и мощной зенитной и противоракетной системой на планете. Это поистине адская система противоракетной обороны. Зенитно-ракетный комплекс большой дальности С-400 способен уничтожать приближающиеся вражеские самолеты, ракеты и даже беспилотники на дальностях до 400 км. Говорят, что американская система THAAD сильно отстает от этого.

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США хотят наложить санкции на Индию в соответствии с новым законом «О противодействии действиям США в отношении санкций (CAATSA)», который был принят в прошлом году после того, как Россия аннексировала Крым у Украины.

Теперь возникает большой вопрос, почему США не хотят, чтобы Индия, собственно, иная страна покупала эту систему?

There are some different angles to the USA’s worry.

  1. The biggest worry of US is that S400 has the optional acquisition radars to defeat modern stealth US aircraft like F-22 and the latest one F-35. As per US defence experts, F-35 is said to be the most advanced stealth aircraft in the world right now. But S400 has the abilities to expose the secret and the vulnerabilities of these US aircraft carriers to the world. They can be intercepted by S400. There can’t be a more embarrassing thing for Pentagon than this.
  2. The second point is that the USA don’t want India or any other country to buy weapons from Russia. They want India to dump Russia for American companies. They seem S400 as the biggest obstacle to this. The lobbies of American defence companies are trying hard Washington to pressurise India to cancel this deal. After China, if India gets it, there are more countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Turkey in the line to buy S400. Saudi Arab and Turkey are a long time defence ally and partner of US. The US can’t afford this.
  3. There is minor Pakistan effect as well. Pakistan Army still enjoys a meaningful relationship with the Pentagon. America might be worried about the balance of power in South-East Asia. But at the same time, America also want India to grow and counter China effect. So this factor might not matter much for the USA.

Now the question is what should India do?

India should look at its national interest and security. With China has now this defence system, India must go for it at any cost. Moreover, history is the proof that modern India doesn’t give a shit about US sanction as evident from the nuclear test in Pokhran in 1998 when Vajpayee went ahead with nuclear testing even after warning from the USA.

India has been saying continuously that the defence ties between India and Russia are decades old and can’t be terminated so easily. Moreover, this deal was inked between both countries in 2016 while CAATSA was passed by the US last year only. So this deal is now in final and advances stage.

But will America really put sanction on India if it goes ahead with the deal?

They may be and may not be. The USA has passed a special waiver that gives powers to exclude any country from this law depending upon the security and ties. India is asking for relaxation under the same law. However, this CAATSA waiver wants India to gradually reduce Russian-made weapons, and to enhance cooperation with the US.

The US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has already appealed to the Congress to urgently provide India with the national security waiver, saying imposing sanctions on it under a newly-enacted law for buying the S-400 air defence missile system from Russia would only hit the US.

What will be the consequences of the sanctions?

The sanction will seriously effect India-US ties. We need to understand that the USA also needs India’s help against China. There are some chances that India might also cancel some of its defence deals with American Companies. This will also adversely affect the USA. India can also then again shift towards Russia as far as the defence deals are concerned. So this will affect both the countries. USA need to understand that a strong India is in the interest of US.

So there are high chances that America is going to give a waiver to India over this deal with a warning. But if they continue their rhetoric, then they must be reminded that the USA will not define India’s foreign policy and we must continue with the deal.

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